Monday, May 16, 2011

So, one of the things I do to help Reed is get him ready for bed. This process usually includes brushing his teeth, washing his face, helping him go to the bathroom and getting him a drink (all of this is done while I tell him some sort of bedtime story that he generally sleeps through because I’m annoying). Next, I tuck him in and turn off the lights.

Then, at 2:56 in the morning I make my way up the stairs and completely crash on my bed. And then do you know what I do? I think to myself,


Do you know why? Because that is the moment when I remember that I still have to brush my teeth, wash my face, go to the bathroom and get a drink. And that moment is the worst moment of my whole day. Seriously. (I know, I know-I have a really hard life)

All I’m saying is that sometimes I think that Reed is living the dream.

I have got to get myself a personal care attendant.


  1. i know the feeling. sometimes i am in my bed on my laptop, ready to sleep and then i realize i need to read my scriptures, pray and brush and pee...bodies are so much work.

  2. sin. getting ready for bed is the WORST part of the day! feed the sugar gliders, brush and floss, wash the face, take out the contacts, read scriptures, say prayers, wirte in my journal, kill me.