Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good Morning, Beautiful.

 When I opened my eyes this morning, I saw this lovely little lady. Why is she doing a handstand? One can never be sure.

 In my confusion, I left my room as quickly as possible and found this beaut. 

And then I laughed because my life is funny.

And a Happy Birthday To Ya!

Would you just look at this smokin' hott lady?! If you can believe it, she turns the big 2-1 today! I know I can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday when I was in fifth grade and we had our very first play date on the trampoline. I'm almost positive that that day she came into my life was one of the most important and significant things that could have ever happened to me and I think that most people who know her would say the same thing.
Jamie is most definitely one of the most incredible people I know... maybe fantastic is a better word to describe her. I can't think of one time when Jamie let me down. She is so dependable and loyal. She has been my friend when I didn't deserve her friendship. She is the most caring person I have ever known. She is always willing to give of herself to help others. She gives love so freely and so unconditionally. Jamie has always helped me to be more sensitive to the Spirit. Every day she has helped me to be a better person. She knows how to make good choices and she always does. And besides that, she is insanely funny. She can make anyone laugh and she has a good sense of humor about everything. She knows how to turn everything into a funny story and can create absolutely crazy things out of nothing. Seriously, though. She is so great. I only wish that I could have her in my life more. I hope she has the best day in the world because more than anyone, she deserves it.

Love you, Jame!

Pretend I posted this before midnight and it was actually still her birthday... I suck at blogging.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Remember my good buddy, Reed? How could you forget? Well, his awesome mom just had her book published! It's the story of her sons, Reed and Rob and their family from her perspective as a mother. She shares many of her personal experiences and expresses how she worked through her challenges. It's such an inspiring story of Reed and Rob, but also of such a strong family that is still working hard to deal with all the trials they face. This family has taught me more about how to be happy than anybody I have ever known.

If you want your own copy you can buy it here! (You can even get in on your Kindle. cool.) So go buy it and be happy :)
I have this really annoying alarm. I also have this roommate, Kristi, whom I share a bathroom with. Lately I've been noticing a strange trend in Kristi's bathroom habits. For some reason, every morning, as soon as my alarm goes off Kristi races to the bathroom. Sometimes she will even walk right past me as I'm heading straight for the toilet and go in front of me. At first I was kind of annoyed, but today I started thinking that maybe Kristi wasn't taking over the bathroom maliciously, but maybe there is some other reason she's been acting this way. Classical Conditioning. Ever heard of it? I think I may have a mild case of it here and you know what I plan to do? Turn Kristi Kristi right into my very own little Pavlovian dog, I tell you. A little social experiment in my very own bedroom.
So here's how it's going to go down. From here on out, every time Kristi goes to the bathroom I'm going to play my alarm. Also, I'm going to keep a little jar of candy on my desk. After Kristi goes to the bathroom, and I play my alarm, Kristi gets a treat.
Just you wait, a few weeks of this and pretty soon, she'll be peeing her pants every time she hears my alarm. Not only that, but she'll be expecting a treat, too.
This is going to be good.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My cute sister, Annie and her husband, Cody, are adopting! Right now they are still looking for a birth mother and the best way to do that is through word of mouth. So... If you wanna help a sister out you should look at Annie and Cody's blog and adoption profile and then spread the word. Let me know if you know of anyone who knows of anyone who's aunt's cousin's friend's daughter is having a baby. We'll all love you forever! 

Aren't they adorable? 

P.C. Lloyd Eldredge

Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Monday and I'm Already Tired of Homework and therefore, I Must Blog

Let's play a little catch up, shall we? New things about my life:

  • Moved down to Provo where I met my wonderful new roommates. Gems.
  • Started school again at BYU. School is harder than I remember, hence the blogging break to soothe my aching brains. 
  • ....That's about it. You haven't missed much.
For those of you following the love aspect of my life, it's non existent. Derek came home and things have been great. We're friends and it's cool. Of course there are many other boys I've got my eye on at the moment--I'll keep you updated. Maybe.

And now for the big news..... duh Duh DUH

I'm going on a mission! Ta Da! I just started my papers today and I'm stoked/peeing my pants in nervousness.

Cool, right?

Now you're all caught up on my enthralling life. I know you were really wanting to know. Good news is, now we can move on to better, most interesting (or at least more entertaining) posts.

Peace out, homedawgs. mmm... J dawgs. Dinner, anyone?