Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Monday and I'm Already Tired of Homework and therefore, I Must Blog

Let's play a little catch up, shall we? New things about my life:

  • Moved down to Provo where I met my wonderful new roommates. Gems.
  • Started school again at BYU. School is harder than I remember, hence the blogging break to soothe my aching brains. 
  • ....That's about it. You haven't missed much.
For those of you following the love aspect of my life, it's non existent. Derek came home and things have been great. We're friends and it's cool. Of course there are many other boys I've got my eye on at the moment--I'll keep you updated. Maybe.

And now for the big news..... duh Duh DUH

I'm going on a mission! Ta Da! I just started my papers today and I'm stoked/peeing my pants in nervousness.

Cool, right?

Now you're all caught up on my enthralling life. I know you were really wanting to know. Good news is, now we can move on to better, most interesting (or at least more entertaining) posts.

Peace out, homedawgs. mmm... J dawgs. Dinner, anyone?


  1. You are going on a mission!? that is so exciting! You will be a great missionary!

  2. ahhhhH! my mom told me that you officially started them!! (derek told her,) and i would have done a back flip on the ground and landed it. had i known how to do one at the time. (and just incase you were wondering, no, i still do not know how to do a back flip on the ground. nor on the tramp for that matter) ahahah but CONGRATULATIONS MY FRIEND!!! so exciting!!!!!

  3. Haleyyyy that's so exciting! Congrats, girl!

  4. I'm soooo excited for you! With your strong testimony and your contagious zest for life you will be amazing... just like you already are! Love ya.