Monday, April 25, 2011

Sometimes you just can't decide what to name a post.

Maybe you thought you were waiting in line for the public bathroom. But maybe you were wrong.
Maybe what you were doing was something completely different. And maybe you don't even know what that thing is yet. But in the meantime you probably learned some things. You might have met someone who taught you how to truly love and serve others and in the process you learned how to love and serve yourself. You probably had some really interesting conversations that reminded you of what you believe in. You were probably standing in a place with scenery so beautiful you knew God had to be there, watching you, painting the moment for you. There were probably moments when you forgot who you were but in a moment you remembered that you're awesome and that you actually like yourself. You did something that help you realize that you are strong and that you can do hard, scary things. And then, when you finally got to the stall, you looked back and thought, 'waiting in line wasn't so bad' and then you remember all of the things that you've learned and the person that you've become and you realize that maybe you don't need to go to the bathroom anymore, maybe you just thought that you did. So you go somewhere else. And you don't know where it is yet or what you're going to do there or who you might meet. But you do know that everything is better when you don't have to go to the bathroom! So you just get going and you be happy about your new adventure and  know that this one is only going to make you stronger because that's what daddy told you.

(And yes, I'm now hating myself for ever having compared waiting for a missionary to waiting in line for the bathroom)


  1. I tried to post this comment on Wednesday, but somehow it didn't show up.

    So here it is again:

    Three comments:

    1. I love you
    2. You have amazing things ahead of you
    3. You have a gift for writing, especially when it comes from your heart. Write something every day!

  2. my dear haley. i love you so much. and im so glad that you made that comparison!! it made me laugh and cry all in the same sitting, because i felt that way too.