Saturday, April 9, 2011


Here's a conversation I had after a baptism tonight with a friend who is from Utah:

Me: That was so nice! It's so great to get to be apart of people our age coming to know the gospel is true for themselves. You really get to see lives change. You don't get to see that very often in Utah.
Friend: Yeah. I feel like when you go to school at BYU people only go to church for the social aspect. I mean, I love coming to church because it makes dating easier but that's different. 
My Brain: I'm sorry... did you really just say that?
Me: Yeah, speaking of BYU (My Brain: which we weren't), I'll be heading back there in the fall. I go to school there. I love it. And I love church. 
Friends Eyeballs: Falling out of sockets
Friend: Oh that is so awesome! I thought about going there but it just didn't feel right. I was so glad I got into MIT because it would've been so bad if I had to go to BYU.
Me: Yeah, that would've been horrible. Well, gotta go!

As My Brain continues to process and understand this conversation, I'm reminded of a conversation I had with Friends boyfriend a couple of weeks ago. 

Friends BF: So, when do you head back to Zion?
Me: I'm sorry?
Friends BF: You know, Utah. 
Me: I'm actually going to Uganda for the summer before I head back, but I suppose Uganda could be Zion.
Friends BF (in the most sarcastic voice you can imagine): Oh, everyone knows the pure in heart are only from Utah.
My Brain: Whaaaaat?? 
Me: speechless

Why would anyone say these things? Even if I weren't from Utah or didn't go to BYU, I wouldn't get it. 
If you don't like BYU and you don't like Utah, too bad for you.

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