Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm Full Mormon

i don't know how i forgot to blog about this, but i did! sorry. i had a REALLY great saturday last week. i woke up early to go down to the Head of the Charles Regatta! doesn't that sound lovely? it really was. i parked in harvard square which was buzzing with excitement and strange entertainers as displayed below.

that really wasn't the cool part of my day. i just thought it was funny.

the cool part was the regatta. it was the perfect day. it was chilly enough to make your nose and cheeks a little pink. the kind of weather that makes you feel cold and warm all at once-the air is crisp and makes you aware of how nice it actually is-you know. the bridges were crowded with spectators pushing and shoving to get from one side to the other to cheer their team on. it was like a giant game of pooh sticks. i, being inspired by the ambiance of the atmosphere, felt it appropriate to buy myself some clam chowdah in a bowl so, i did. i sat on the side of the river to eat my lunch and watch the crewing races. the races are really cool despite the fact that they aren't moving all that quickly and the boats come down the river one by one instead of all at once. the excitement factor isn't exactly there but, it's a pleasant sport any way you look at it. unless, of course, you're the one rowing, in which case it looks really hard.

let's get to the good part of the day.

so, there i am sitting by myself eating my chowder and this guy sits down sort of next to me. it was one of those situations where i felt like he could've found a spot that was much more open, but i guess he's a friendly person. he asks "excuse me, do you know when the next race starts?" i reply, "i have no clue but i think i saw some girls handing out programs over there". what does he say? i'll tell you, "that's ok, i didn't actually want to know".


so then, it's kind of uncomfortable. do i keep this conversation going or not? i don't even know how to respond to that. there was silence for a while. silence that, before would've been normal but now i feel should be filled with some sort of small talk.

"so, are you from around here?"
"yeah, but i've been on the road as a musician for a couple of years. how about you?"
"i'm from utah, but i'm working here for a couple of months."
"do you get into boston very often?"
"i come down most saturday's if there is something going on and i come to cambridge every sunday for church."
"i'm protestant. what church do you go to?"
"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!" (i was really proud for getting it out correctly. it's only the second time someone has ever asked me that and i messed up the first time ha)
"that's neat"
"i'm a fan"
ok... there's more awkward silence. what do i fill it with? all i can think of is 'maybe i should ask if he wants to know about the church. no, i'll feel awkward'. to say the least, i talked myself out of it. the next half hour or so was filled with random spurts of conversations that i can't remember because they were unimportant. then, just as he was about to leave he spurts out, "good luck with your church" (is that weird? why would i need luck?) "i'd really like to learn more about it sometime"
"REALLY? because you're more than welcome to come to our church meetings anytime you want. we meet every sunday at three. the address is 65 binney street and it's three hours long but the first hour is the one i would recommend. every one there is really nice and we'd love to have you. no pressure."
yikes... did i mess that up? i should've been more subtle. he's gonna think we're all crazy.
"ok, that sounds great! so, are you part Mormon?"
i almost laughed out loud.
"i'm actually full Mormon haha just kidding. Mormon and LDS are the same thing."
well, to keep this story from getting any longer, i'll shorten it.. haha
we ended up staying two more hours talking about some gospel principles and i got to bear my testimony several times. he's a really sweet person and seems like he's been looking for some sort of direction. he said how things have been happening in his life that have made him turn to God and he's been hoping to find something that would give him the peace that he's been looking for. after he left i felt like the whole thing was planned. like i was supposed to be there to sit next to him and tell him what i know to be true. i don't know what will happen with him but i feel like i did my best and i was silently praying to have help to know what to say. i was really nervous that i might say the wrong things but i always seemed to find some sort of answer for his questions and i could feel the Spirit when i was bearing my testimony. hopefully the Spirit was able to touch him also and even if i never see what happens with him, it was a great experience for me. it was a challenge and a blessing to be able to talk to a stranger about how i feel about my Savior and the blessing of the atonement. i'm so grateful that i have a testimony to share and that i could feel it grow as i was bearing it.

after the regatta i met up with kellie and we carved pumpkins and made 67 cupcakes for our sunday school class which i feel is Mormony enough to be included in this post.

i'm full Mormon and i LOVE it!


  1. you're the greatest missionary ever.

  2. haley, this is fantastic! i'm in awe at how amazing you are. love you!

  3. WOW!! How special that was!!! Thank you for sharing it - as I read I could feel you growing 'taller' by the moment!
    At first, I was just enjoying your being there - I have pictures of me doing the same thing - only I was too young to share my testimony! Your day on the river was meant to be!!

  4. I just discovered your blog and I love it!! What a great story, I love how you just blurted out where church was and what time it was. What an awesome missionary you are! What a great experience you are having. Thanks for letting me follow along.

  5. it's not like you're on a really are haha. good one hay, changing lives one day at a time!