Friday, October 15, 2010

spiders, insects and other crawly things belong outside.

i don't have any problems with these critters when they're out where they belong. unfortunately, i live next to the forest and therefore happen to find PLENTY of said creatures in my living space. when i first moved here i would occasionally find a spider in my bathtub. that's not that weird, except it would happen almost every day. that's weird. it's also not uncommon to find an earwig making it's way across the living room floor. a couple of weeks ago, i was coming to my room and i found a giant spider on my door. it's butt was HUGE! and when i squished it with my shoe, it popped and then splattered all over my door. the worst part about smooshing a spider is that you have to clean it up and it's little body parts break under your fingers and you can feel it being all spidery. bleh.

so, here's another little encounter i had: today i was going to put reed's laundry away. i turned the corner to the hallway and what did i find? oh, just your average snake! a SNAKE! right in the middle of the hallway. it was tiny and i wasn't afraid of it. it's just that... a snake in the house.. what? i then proceeded to shoo the little guy out into the garage. i run back to reed's room, still mystified. i'm telling diane and reed what i'd just experienced and diane says "oh, that's nothing. one time i found a skunk in their garage" a skunk! just think about it, people. it's only small spiders and harmless snakes for now, but what's next?! a squirrel? a raccoon? a BEAR?! do you want a bear in your house? good grief. we have got to get this situation under control.


  1. haha hay you're so funny. bears won't come to your house. but i would have flipped if i saw a snake. way to be brave.

  2. Hello Haley, This is a test to see if I can finally post a comment here. Grma

  3. yep! it works! i also see that you are now a follower-i love new followers!