Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm Learning to Fly

this is me, last saturday, getting on a plane that came straight out of Hatchet. and what did i plan to do when i got in that plane? jump out of it, of course! was it everything i'd hoped for? i don't know. was it incredible? yes. here's the whole shabang only in still form because i don't know how to work this video whosiwatsit technology. enjoy!

a smile, two waves and a thumbs up. i think we're ready.

goggles? check.

12,000 feet. oh, hello world.

op, i guess we're going then!

upside down? uh, ok!

too much rock for one hand. thank you, stick it.

parachute up! (pulled the rip cord myself, thank you)

nice slide in on the buttocks. mission accomplished.


  1. Man i really wanted to see the video. Looks like fun though.