Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dean Park = Disneyland

last night i got myself all registered to go to a new england young single adult conference in connecticut that happened today. there were speakers (Pres. Eyring included!), a service project, lunch and dinner and a dance! fun, right? it started at 10 in the a.m.. i slept through it. oops! i didn't actually sleep through the entire thing, but it takes two hours to get there and by the time i woke up it just wasn't going to work out. i've been feeling bad about it. not only because it would've been a really spiritually uplifting, charitable, wonderful thing to attend, but also because i suddenly had absolutely nothing to do on my saturday off. great, just great. the problem with having nothing planned is that i usually end up at the mall or wal-mart just spending pennies left and right on things that i really don't need. so, to make up for my lack of participation in more righteous activities, i decided to be responsible! good idea, haley. i took my first trip to rockies ace hardware (not nearly as wonderful as allred's ace hardware, just saying) to get a copy of my car key made. and then that was about as responsible as it got for one day. except, i did do the cross word in the newspaper, which isn't really that responsible, but it's a grown up thing to do and they kinda fit in the same category.

ok, this story is getting too long. eventually, i had been in the house for too long and i was starting to go crazy so i went to dean park thinking i would walk around or something, but as i was going to park i spotted a sign that said "fountain music-97.1" WHAT!? turns out, there's a reason the fountains are always doing funny things. they dance to the music! and when it gets dark enough, there are colorful lights that shine on them! i just couldn't believe it. so, i quickly turned on the radio and playing was a wonderful disney medley! if i tuned out the fact that i was alone in my car, without an ice cream cone in my hand, it actually kinda felt like i was in disneyland!

oh! (this is just a side note) another grown up thing i did was read the newspaper. just the horoscope, but i think it still counts. the first line said "stick to your plans". well, that didn't happen, obviously.

anyway, that was just a really long way of letting you know that i love dean park. it never fails me.

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