Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm Not a Witch! I'm Your Wife!

i heard once that i'm related to rebecca nurse.. creepy, right?
reed and sheryl and i went to salem today and it definitely wasn't creepy but it was really fun. we started off the day by going to a play called "cry innocent" where they let the audience play the part of the jury during goody bishop's trial. it was a good way to get the history side of things and it was really fun. there was a junior high class on a field trip at the show at the same time so things got pretty exciting and hilarious. before the show starts you can follow the actors taking goody bishop into the town hall and act as the mob. the kids were yelling hilarious things like "off with her head!" and "kill the witch!"

next, we went to a magic show that in most situations would've been pathetic and definitely not worth the 10 dollars spent on it, but i guess the whole atmosphere made it pretty fun. there were only three other people in the show so we had ample opportunities to participate. of course, the first question this self-acclaimed vampire asked me was if i am afraid of ghosts because one was about to get very close to me. yes! i am! sheesh..

after we'd had enough witchy fun for one day we went to the house of seven gables which was actually really cool. by really cool what i mean is it's a really old house about a story that i've never read. a good historical stop, nonetheless. and i learned what a gable is. it's different than a dormer.. in case you were wondering. unfortunately, i didn't get any pictures because it was dark. i actually would recommend going there. the story of the house is pretty cool and there are all these secret staircases and such you get to go through.

here, enjoy some other sights from the day!



  1. So glad you could be there - Rebecca is your direct ancestor - accused of being a witch and hanged - age 84 -
    "Crowd" mentality took her life from her and her family - her actual home is in Danvers, MA which you can tour and there is also on the property the barn which was built for the movie "Three Souvenirs for Sarah" - her sons took her body down and buried her in a secret place but there is a nice marker to her memory also on the property -

  2. That's right, she's your 10th great-grandmother. Tragic story really. Good post and pix from you.