Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Down, One To Go

waiting for a missionary is like waiting in line to go to the bathroom. you start in the back and think there is NO way you're ever going to make it in time. you're going to wet your pants right there. that's how bad you have to go. but you're confident in yourself. you can do hard things! you move up a spot and you feel like the line is going so slow but you put on a nice face and pretend that you're ok. but then, after a while, you've moved up a couple spots and you find you're actually enjoying yourself. you've made a couple friends in the line and the lady walking out with her shirt tucked in her underwear was pretty amusing. you get distracted and you don't feel the weight of your bladder that's ready to explode. then, you realize you're half-way there! that's pretty good. you don't think about it too hard though, cause actually, half-way is really only half-way. but! if you made it this far, you can make it the rest of the way. which is why, today, i celebrate the fact that i have not yet wet my pants.

this is my missionary!

he's been gone exactly one year and i'm feeling pretty good about that. i'm at the point where i'm feeling pretty relaxed but really happy that the wait is already half over. i'm thinking the rest of the wait will also be akin to waiting in line for the bathroom. i'll feel all relaxed for a little while longer but start to slowly get really anxious. and then, as soon as i start making my way towards the stall i'm gonna start kinda skipping. and everyone knows that as soon as you shut the door to the stall, you just can't hold still. it's coming and there's no stopping it. you're just hoping and praying you make it to the toilet with dry pants. and then... you finally sit down and let it all out! no more worrying. at this point, you've never felt better. you zip up your pants proudly, walk out smiling and it feels like it never even happened. yep! that's my analogy that i just made up. enjoy it.

i really love this guy, which is why i'm waiting for him. he's pretty amazing and is doing an awesome job at being a missionary. i couldn't ask for a better friend. he has a strong testimony and is encouraging me to be better. even if he got back and we hated each other (not likely), i'd be happy (sort of) because waiting for him has helped me grow in a lot of ways and i've been able to see him grow and become a better person. i'm not really sure that that part of waiting can really be compared to the whole waiting in line thing but maybe i'll think of something later.

anyway, i love him and i'm really excited for this day to be here! here's hoping the next year is even better! moon and back, baby!


  1. Way to go Haley!!! Waiting can be done! Hang in there... it will be so worth the wait! Love ya,
    Sis. Palmer

  2. Thanks sis. Palmer! I hear Byron is back, I'd love to hear how things are going for you guys! Love you tons! and miss you!

  3. Haley! I just got caught up on your blog!! You know if this continues to be a problem Reed could give you a leg bag of two!!! I love that you are blogging about all you are doing and thinking. Reed is really blessed to have you out there, it helps us poor sibling that are so far away to know he has someone who cares!!!!

  4. oh thanks Raelene! i'm just glad he lets me stay haha i love hanging out with him! i really want him to start his own blog, but we'll see if i can get him motivated. thanks for reading!

  5. Well, I can't wait to see your shirt tucked into your underwear a year from now. Happy skipping!