Saturday, August 7, 2010

it's actually the best day of my life. why, you ask? because of my new baby. i just might marry it.

one hundred and sixty three dollars later and i'm the happiest girl alive! i just can't wait to drive somewhere! thanks, Dad!


  1. you definitely need kinda sad though because i really enjoy your stories of getting lost!

  2. first. i didn't know you were pregnant.
    second. you can't marry your baby.
    third. i'm glad you are finally happy.

  3. marissa, sorry i won't be able to entertain you anymore.

    t, you can marry your baby if your baby is a gps.

  4. glad you are so happy, i don't like it when you are so sad, and that you wont waste so much time being lost! love you oh and p.s. i am waiting for a post all about me, that is all.