Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Bad

I've really been terrible at this whole blogging thing. Sorry about that.

The rest of Uganda was incredible. It went by way too fast. We wrapped up all of our projects: the library has a board of directors that will continue working with us to get funding, Proud to be a Girl has a team of women who will continue the project once school starts again and we had a training course for the Happy Child volunteers so they can continue to do their good work. We had a party with all of our partners at the end of the summer and it was really nice to have everyone together and to get to thank them for all of their work. The people there really helped us with our projects and we made some amazing friends.

James--our library partner

Pastor Francis and Madam Ssanyu. These are two of the most amazing people on earth.

Justine, our CRAZY next door neighbor. 

Christine. She owns pigs and so she is awesome.

We also went to Martin and Camera's wedding party. It was at a resort right on the edge of the Nile and it was beautiful! Camera looked so pretty and we were so happy for them that they finally get to be together. Martin was starting to go crazy with Camera being in America for so long. Plus, it was just about the best reception I've ever been to. We wore our African clothes, ate crazy good food, played ping pong and soccer and then waded in the Nile. So, yep. I'm gonna need to get married in Africa.

And then we had to say goodbye and that was the worst day of my life. My two best friends, Eve and Rosette, came over in the morning and spent the day with us. Leaving them really was the pits. We cried and hugged and cried some more. But I guess that's a good sign. I'm so grateful I got to know them. They have blessed my life so much.

I cannot wait to go back. Thank you to everyone who supported me and helped me be able to go. It really was a life changing experience and I am so grateful I had it. 

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