Sunday, November 27, 2011

We had a really good Thanksgiving

Like REALLY good. We had two Thanksgiving dinners, went to Trafalga, played front yard volleyball, nearly dominated at Minute to Win It date night, shopped at four in the morning, and partied at Costco. 

Unfortunately it's back to the grind, but I'm going to be better at this whole blogging thing. How does a 25 Days till Christmas series sound? Good? Good. 

Is it weird that I used "we" instead of "I"? I'm really grateful that I can do that. I'm really grateful for that boy.


  1. um pretty sure it was front yard volleyball, not football. just sayin' love you. and also why did we not get to see you in your fancy thanksgiving get-up?

  2. oops, you're right. guess i shouldn't try to post at 1 in the morning. sorry, next year i'll dress up haha