Saturday, June 19, 2010

NOT a Water Slide

Robert came to town. He's Reed's nephew and he's eleven. At first, i thought this would be great. Someone to hang out with would be a lot of fun. I'll repeat that he's eleven. Not so fun. So, I've been dying this whole time to get out and go to this great little park down the street that has a giant slip 'n slide. But, going by myself would be a little weird and i don't have any friends so i invited Robert to go with me. We picked the hottest day of the week and got our swimming suits on and headed over. After we waited 20 minutes for them to set it up, we trekked up the hill and hopped on our tubes. After all of this, we got to the top of the hill and discovered that the slide wasn't a waterslide at all. It was just hard plastic that you slide down, sort of quickly, and then you have to hike up the hill to go again. It might not have been so bad except it was really REALLY hot and humid that day. Plus, Robert has eaten nothing but sugar since he got here so he was done after about three times down the hill. Well, the good part of the day was that they sold homemade ice cream there so we each got a cone (I had cookie dough mmm :)) and i got to get out of the house for a little bit.

Besides that excursion, we've done a couple other things with Robert. We went to this weird furniture store where there are fake people who sing. We bought three fish for Reed's fish tank and Robert named all of them. He named the clown fish Bob and Melanie. Bob is a girl and Melanie is a boy. We saw Karate Kid. We watched EVERY SINGLE finals basketball game. Mostly, we've played a lot of card games. They play Nertz so i was excited for some competition but they didn't even know what hit 'em when i started playing ;). Robert likes to tell A LOT of weird eleven year old potty jokes and fart in my face a.k.a. the not fun part. He also likes to follow me around and sing "Haley and Derek sitting in a tree K I S S I N G". It was funny for... hm maybe two seconds but now i'm annoyed. But, i'm doing my best to be patient. I still have almost three more weeks with him.. yippee!


  1. Hi Haley, it's Jules, I love reading your blog so please keep posting! Sorry about the 11 year old. Maybe you could take his hand and hit him with it and say; "Stop hitting yourself, Stop hitting yourself" OR Tell him "Let's play hide and seek" Have him hide first. Then you go hide yourself! If you want to keep up on our life (Ok, the babies really) our blog is:
    You sound a little homesick, that is to be expected, because we are Haley sick- We miss you, keep up the good work!! <3 Jules

  2. i don't know why you don't like him. he sounds just like me and katy...haha

  3. he is... he forgets to flush the toilet.

  4. hahhahaha I am upset that I am just seeing your comments now. And I remember to flush...don't pin that on me!