Monday, December 19, 2011

Good thing I had a spare.

There are few things I love more than coming home at night and getting ready for bed with my roommate Kristi. She's sort of like a pet, or a small child. She usually just follows me around the apartment telling me about her day and pointing out how long her arms are and informing me of her favorite desserts. Her favorite desserts are vanilla ice cream, pie and something else that I can't remember. After I told her that my favorite desserts are vanilla ice cream, brownies and popcorn, and after she gave me a lecture about how popcorn isn't a dessert, she told me, matter-of-factly that if we were a Venn diagram, vanilla ice cream would be in the middle.
That's not the story I wanted to tell.
Yesterday we were getting ready for bed when she told me that she had borrowed my sweater that day and that it looked really nice with the skirt she chose to match it with, but that she had sweat a little and tried to clean it but there were some stains in the pits, but she'd keep working on it.
We then went into the bathroom and I started brushing my teeth. Kristi started putting lotion on her face which was funny because she doesn't usually do that, so I figured it was just an excuse to stand in the bathroom with me. Probably about a minute after I started brushing Kristi sort of squealed/moaned (a noise she makes frequently when she's uncomfortable or concerned) and said, "I should tell you something but it's sort of terrible."
"Wew come on Kwisti, you can tew me" (that's my brushing my teeth voice).
"Ok, this morning I started brushing my teeth and I noticed it felt different....I looked down and realized I had grabbed your toothbrush...they're both green."
You may now picture me promptly dropping my toothbrush and all the contents of my mouth into the sink.
At least it only took her a minute of brushing to tell me that.

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