Saturday, July 31, 2010

Swimming with Babies

I had a day off so i went to the pond. Walden Pond.

I got myself some lunch at wal mart and headed off on my journey. it was a pretty big undertaking considering i didn't know how to get there and i didn't look up any directions. i was kinda hoping there would just be enough signs. and there were. i got there with ease. it was a nice day. not too hot, not too cold. just right. i didn't really know what to expect, but from the pictures, it looked like there was a nice beach to lay out on. and there was, but like i said, it was a nice day and there were so many people there. i found myself a nice little niche by a tree and close to the water, sat myself down and enjoyed my lunch. i read from my book for a while and then finally took a plunge into the water. luckily, it was really warm water (i'm trying to ignore the fact that it could possibly have been because i was in the swimming area with all the small children). i let myself dry on the beach but only for a little while because i got a text from a girl who i'd met at church. she wanted to know if i wanted to hang out! a friend, so wonderful. so i hurried home (didn't get lost. count it.) and got ready so i could meet her at the olive garden for lunch (got lost for a second... don't count it). she's from utah and is here for a year as a nanny so we want to be friends. we had dinner then walked around the strip mall for a while. we pretended to be looking at clothes but we were talking too much to focus on anything but the conversation. it was a good time and i'm glad to have a friend because, even though i very much enjoyed my time alone at the pond, the whole time i was thinking about how much more fun it would've been if i had a friend with me. swimming with the babies will only cut it for so long :)


  1. I'm really happy you made a friend. now if only I had the same luck.