Monday, January 31, 2011

So, we've been getting a lot of snow... 
Besides the fact that I have to chisel the two inches of ice off of my car every other day,
I wear sweats, mittens and five blankets to bed,
all the streets have been reduced to one lane only,
school has only been in session for half of the month, 
 and shoveling seems to be a new hobby around here,
the snow has been an absolute joy. Even if it tends to be a pain, it is beautiful!

BBQ anyone?

this is the bench in the backyard!

Oh, did I mention that we're going to be getting two more feet of snow/ice in the next two days?! Awesome. Dean Park pictures to come!

*This also serves as an invitation for all of my friends in Utah, who feel that Winter is just horrible and can't stop posting FB status's to prove their distaste, to get over it. Go sledding!


  1. wow i have been thinking of you in the mornings when i watch the today show and Al Roker talks about all the snow in Boston! Man am i glad i live in a sunny place. It does look beautiful though. Africa is going to be a complete 180 for you. So i have a new book recommendation for you. Matched by: Ally Condie. Try it you will like it. the writer is LDS very clean and good, easy read like 2 days.

  2. haha the snow is actually growing on me can you believe it?! those pictures are beautiful.